Ten Tree Apparel made waves in 2012 when they appeared on CBC Television’s ‘Dragon’s Den’. Since then, their company has exploded all around the world. Each year they design dozens of new products. 
Kiriako Creative Inc. has provided Ten Tree Apparel with studio product photography. Using live models, we photographed over 100 items over the course of one day. Our lighting was dialled in, so the images needed very little post production, and we were able to hand them off to their graphic designer almost straight out of camera.

22 Fresh

22 Fresh is another Regina based apparel company inspired by athletes. Their product is not only designed for sports, but is suitable streetwear as well. They have grown a large following over the years and their products are sold across Canada and the United States. Kiriako Creative Inc. has provided 22 Fresh with both lifestyle and product photography in the past. 
It is not uncommon for 22 Fresh to produce a feature product that is in need of photography with a rush turnaround. We have been able to accommodate their rush requests. We have also provided 22 Fresh with clipping path outlines for their product shots. One thing to take note of with the clipping paths, is the detail in the mesh of the hats. This was not done using a traditional pen tool technique, but by using a variety of blend modes and colour selections in  Photoshop. 



Since 2012, Kiriako Creative Inc. has photographed numerous successful marketing campaigns for Saskatoon’s Midtown Plaza. Over the years we have worked with them through three different ad agencies and two different Marketing Directors. 
One of the campaigns was a promotion for their stores’ Black Friday sales. The creative director’s concept involved photographing black products on a black background. Using fishing line to suspend the products in midair, and black Foam Core as negative fill to control the light and unwanted reflections, we were able to achieve a polished and ‘high end’ aesthetic to our images.

TRifon's pizza


Trifon’s Pizza Southland Mall is one of several locations of a locally owned restaurant chain in Regina. Located in the Southland mall foodcourt, Trifon’s is surrounded by various National restaurant chains. Trifon’s required a strategy to increase sales in a highly competitive marketplace.
As a part of a marketing scheme with IKS Media and Technology, we took culinary photos for Trifon’s menu boards and advertising pieces. Capturing the core value of the brand visually allowed customers to immediately and positively engage with the brand. Implementation of the marketing scheme resulted in a 15% increase in total sales. After the initial usage of our images into menu boards and advertisements the sales remained 15% higher than previous years.