Portfolio Examples for  Saskgaming

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Example 1) SaskTel’s infiNET Campaign - March 2017
Scope of Services: Last year we completed a large scale shoot for SaskTel’s infiNet division where we worked closely with their Agency of Record (AOR). We were tasked with a complex project involving three very different and distinct final images to be delivered. The most complex image of the three, involved four unique backdrops composited together within one image. In addition, each of the four backdrops had to be scouted, approved by the AOR, then designed and finally, photographed. To reiterate, this was only one out of three images we produced. 
Kiriako’s overall responsibilities and budget included: scouting numerous locations so he could provide multiple options for the AOR, holding an open casting call and hiring talent, negotiating with talent agencies, coordinating crew, coordinating hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylists, organizing craft service, working closely with a set designer, photographing background plates and working between the agency and retoucher, and all post production. In the end the project required one day of shooting, three final images, and twenty one hours of retouching.
Example 2) Saskatchewan Fashion Week - 2016
Scope of Services: We have worked with Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) since 2013. In 2016 we had the concept of creating images set in a 1940’s/1950’s jazz club. But instead of using trained models, we wanted to showcase a variety of people who have played a very important role in molding SFW into what it is today. Each image focused on a local designer as the main subject, while the background extras were made up of prominent individuals and business owners who were some how involved with SFW. 
Our location was the Capitol Jazz Club in Regina. We anticipated scheduling our shoot around their business hours, beginning once they closed and working into the morning. However, the restaurant informed us that they would be closed during the day on an upcoming weekend, giving us the opportunity to work during the day, we felt this would work in our favour since everyone was volunteering their time and we would have a better turnout if we worked during the day. However this would push up our shoot from 30 days away, to 10 days away.  We discussed as a group and weighed our options. In the end we decided to move it up and take advantage of the opportunity and began planning right away.
A total of 57 people were involved on this shoot, this included a film crew, 12 stylists making up the hair, makeup and wardrobe department, and 30 extras. The shoot took 10 hours to complete 7 looks. Aside from the photography, Kiriako’s overall responsibilities included: Art Direction, scouting, delegating responsibilities to the key members of the crew, sourcing props and most importantly scheduling 57 individuals efficiently and staying organized, making sure to stay on schedule. 
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Example 3) Various Projects
A  quick look at some of the other award winning work we have created.